It’s Finally Here! Hot Punch Infrared Kickboxing Will…



UPDATE: The Hot Punch program has started since the time this post was published.

Hot Punch – Infrared Kickboxing will revoloutionize fitness in Hamilton and the GTA.

From the moment we began construction, the rumours have been swirling. We’ve danced on the cutting edge of fitness for the past 28 years, and now it’s time for something revolutionary…Hot Punch – Infrared Kickboxing.

The details of Hot Punch are outlined on our specialĀ Inner Circle registration website. John and Mia Savidis also took to CH Morning Live to let everyone in on the secret…

We also had the opportunity to talk about the successes 3 of our members have had in our bootcamp and personal training programs. Way to go Jenn, Heidi, and Danny! We’re all very proud of you.

Excited about Hot Punch?? We are too!

The team is working hard to make sure the Hot Punch experience is one that you never forget. To make sure you stay in touch with our developments, and to get on our waiting list, head over here to register onto our exclusive Inner Circle email list: