Starting Fresh In September

With all of the changes happening around this time of year, September is a great time to start fresh or refocus on your health & fitness. Vacations, BBQs, wine tours, and other summer events have come and gone, but your health goals are just sitting there…waiting… So how do you get back on track? Do … Read more

It’s Finally Here! Hot Punch Infrared Kickboxing Will…

    UPDATE: The Hot Punch program has started since the time this post was published. Hot Punch – Infrared Kickboxing will revoloutionize fitness in Hamilton and the GTA. From the moment we began construction, the rumours have been swirling. We’ve danced on the cutting edge of fitness for the past 28 years, and now … Read more

Our 2017 Christmas Social

At the end of 2017, we hosted our Members’ Christmas Social and it was such a blast! Many of us gathered to enjoy each other’s company, drinks, and a few cheat meals. The event was also a fun opportunity to ask our members some interesting questions!