7 Foods That You Should NEVER Eat!

I was having a conversation with a friend recently, and (don’t ask how we got there) he asked me what the absolute worst foods to eat were.
The knee-jerk reaction is to start listing all of the terrible junk food that exist, but those aren’t a problem for most people. Cakes, deep-fried Mars bars, and ice cream sundaes aren’t usually a part of our diet. They’re random indulgences.
The real problem foods are the ones that have snuck their way past our defences and into our daily lives. Those are the foods that are responsible for adding inches to your waistline, jacking up your insulin sensitivity, and keeping you from reaching your goals.
And the whole time, you’ll just wonder what you’re doing wrong.
Over the thousands of people that I’ve been fortunate enough to help, I’ve noticed these foods secretly unravel or stall clients’ results.
So I’ve boiled these foods down to 7 most common foods that we should absolutely NOT be eating. If you have any kind of fitness/health goals, avoid them at all costs!
I posted a short video about it on our Facebook page here: 7 Foods You Should NEVER Eat
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