A Dose of Inspiration: Member Stories

Age, injury, and illness can be overwhelming obstacles for many people looking to get healthier. Members of our community face the same issues, but have found ways to overcome and and adapt….and it’s inspirational to hear about!


Kip is one of our newer members. At 61, he found himself dealing with severe arthritis & wrist issues. His doctor recommended that he take measures to lose bodyfat to help deal with these issues. After making the decision excersie and clean up his eating habits, he joined our facility.

Kip really has changed to embody the Lean & Fit lifestyle. He frequently attends classes (using the exercise substitutions our instructors provide), he motivates himself to research what activities and foods will benefit his condition, and he’s a motivating prescence in his classes. In the span of 8 months, Kip has earned 30 pounds of weight loss!


John lives with Parkinsons, an illness that progressively degrades the nervous system. It’s a condition that most of us are unfortunately familiar with. After doing his own research into the benefits of exercise and far-infrared heat, he’s become a huge fan of our Hot Punch – Infrared Kickboxing program. Hot Punch has become an important part of John’s regimen to deal with the effects of Parkinsons. It has also become a great opportunity for him to bond with his son, who accompanies John in his Hot Punch classes.


Ruth has been with us for 7 years and is very comfortable with tracking her progress. Using heart rate monitoring, nutrition logs, and her extensive medical knowledge (as an ECE specializing in merging music and child development), Ruth keeps track of what works for her, and what doesn’t…and Hot Punch works.

Ruth has found that Hot Punch burns many more calories than any other workout she’s tried. Even more than our other programs, Lean & Fit, Tread & Shred, and Group Weight Training…and they’re serious calorie burners!

We hope these stories of progress and overcoming barriers motivates you to work even harder to reach your goals! And as always, if you’d like the help of a tried-and-true exercise and nutrition program AND an incredible team of professionals to have your back…send us an email or give us a call now!

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