Karen Was a Skeptic and Wanted to Prove Us Wrong!

To say Karen was a skeptic would be an understatement.

After being referred to one of our 21-Day Challenges by her sister, she attended our Orientation Seminar with no real expectation of success. And hearing about the results that are possible on our program only made Karen determined to prove John wrong; she would finish the Challenge with no real results.

…or so she thought. Watch this video interview to see what changed Karen’s mind!

Karen was surprised when her energy levels, anxiety, and mood improved as she followed our Lean & Fit nutrition & exercise program. And her friends and family noticed as well! Fun activities that Karen enjoys, like basketball with family, suddenly became much more active. She didn’t have to stop to catch her breath or rest as often..

Now that the 21-Day Challenge is over, Karen has found that she also has changed the composition of her body. Trading her excess body fat for lean, toned muscle means that her jeans fit better than ever before!

No wonder Karen is so excited…if we could get her these results while she was skeptical, think of what we can achieve now that she’s 110% on board?

Great work Karen! We’re proud of you 

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