Do You Recognize Heidi? 😮

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Heidi has truly transformed herself. She has shifted her mind and body into a healthier place and the results have been PHENOMENAL. Now 78 pounds down, Heidi has lost 43 inches on her waist and gained a whole lot of energy! She has always been a confident, enthusiastic, and infectiously fun person, and the changes Heidi has earned will allow her to continue to be herself but in a sustainable and healthier way.

As we wrapped up, I asked Heidi what advice she would give to anyone trying to make a healthy change by joining one of our programs:

“Don’t wait. Don’t wait. I waited a long time because I always had other priorities as a mom, as a shift worker…There’s always other priorities and I never put myself first. And there’s one thing; losing weight is showing my daughter that you should always put yourself first. That you can take better care of everyone else when you take better care of yourself.”

Wise words.

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