How Mia Cured Her Back Pain and Avoided Invasive Surgery

If you’re one of our frequent readers, the headline above should have raised a red flag. You know that any claim of a cure or avoiding medical help needs to be looked at very closely before believing it.

Here are the facts:

  • Mia was suffering from excruciating back pain that prevented her from working out properly, standing for prolonged periods of time, and just living her life without pain.
  • She had received news that invasive back surgery was a likely solution. But as a final resort, Mia was referred to Amanda, a chiropractor with a unique approach and a roster of clients ranging from stay-at-home parents to elite athletes.
  • Amanda, using the techniques described in the video, was able to make progress where others had failed. Mia slowly but surely regained her mobility and freedom of movement AND left the pain behind!
  • Now, Mia maintains her strength and mobility with specialized exercises and stretches prescribed to her by Amanda. She also visits Amanda once a month for maintenance and adjustments.

If you haven’t yet watched the videos, do that now so you can benefit from some of the techniques Mia uses on a daily basis!

Part 1

Part 2

We’re also pleased to announce that Amanda is now a member of our team in the Savidis Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre. With her approach of tracking down the cause of injuries (rather than chasing the symptoms), we’re looking forward to the results she’ll achieve for our Lean & Fit family.

If you’re interested in speaking with Amanda, contact our Wellness Centre at 289.445.1405 or visit You will benefit from our Wellness Team’s services if you:

  • have lost your mobility and freedom of movement
  • have suffered an injury to your joints
  • require an exercise program designed to recover muscle strength or stability
  • want to improve overall balance
  • want to improve your physical performance (i.e. improved ability in your sport)
  • require massage therapy
  • have any questions regarding improving your well-being.

Feel free to reach out to our Wellness Centre with any inquiries.